Language & literacy
We ensure that our children gain the literacy skills to make their way in the world by encouraging reading and creative writing to express their thoughts & ideas. We educate them in Dutch and English language so the are able to read and write, speak and listen in those languages that allow them to communicate, connect and develop themselves. The ability to read and write in different languages give access to a broad range of knowledge and understanding.

Both boys will get language and grammer lessons at their own level. We use methods and books that offer challenging tasks for these language explorers which also contain assignments on rhyme, alliteration, synonyms, contradictions, word origins, proverbs, language jokes and games. To bring it into practice and to further reinforce their spelling and writing abilities, the boys are also encouraged to prepare texts for the facebook page and website and make vlogs as a means of communicating with the world!

Mathematics – physics –  astronomy
To teach the boys mathematics and physics at their own level, we use supporting books and methods and we use the world around to explain mathematical concepts so they really can experience and understand it. So, sometimes we look at the world through sums, the Pythagorian theorem, pi or axel systems 😉  Or we will provide some physical experiments within a theoretical framework. The practice and outcomes we analyze afterwards …

They are very interested in the universe and astronomy. We brought our books and will find things out on the way when we have beautiful views to the stars and planets…

Topography – geography
Our Overlander is a 6×6 wheel drive, so we plan to go of the beaten tracks… We bought French off road books for the Balkan region and the boys will navigate; read the maps and off road route descriptions. They also learn to plan trips, and of course will know facts and figures of the countries we visit. And of course some French vocubalary… Supported by many excursions, views and visit they will really experience a lot of a country’s topography and geographical aspects!



History – religions – social structures
We see history to enable the understanding of the development of society and its previous and current culture. While travelling, we consider historical perspectives and stories and learn about historical events and political science across different countries and regions. There are many ways to teach them on these subjects: they will mainly learn about it through (pre) reading and telling, visiting museums, see arts and experience daily life.

Besides understanding and learning about the history and social aspects of specific countries and wider European developments,we will educate also on Dutch national history. And as we are heading to Greece, we definitely will teach them about ancient Greek history. We brought different books to support these learning processes.

Playing chess
Both boys love to play chess for several years now and have been a member of  the chess club. This love for the game reflects a intrinsic motivation to learn, practice and develop. That is an important value on it’s own, so we decided to make this part of the education program by using the Dutch method “workbook stappenmethode” and of course practice and play a lot. They also have plans to visit schools on the way to introduce playing chess, maybe organise a tournament somewhere, so we brought 9 chess boards on board plus a 3 person variant!! Want to play?!

Playing chess has a certain difficulty level: oversee a board with 64 fields, 32 pieces that are able to exert 9 different maneuvers and the interaction between them – that is a beautiful challenging stimulation for thinking abilities like logical thinking, problem solving, thinking ahead, computational skills, learn to look from different perspectives and spatial awareness. And a game with 64 fields learns to deal with strategic planning. By playing chess, you learn to think, foresee and overlook the situation from different perspectives and based on that take independent decisions. A deep thinking for the next move is required. Besides, your move is your own choice! The children learn to deal with the consequence of their choices: consider, make decisions and take responsibility for that. So playing chess has so many positive effects, is always different and challenging, and it is a way to meet other children as well!

The boys love to philosophize; all day they take anything into consideration… They ask themselves, each other and us questions to think almost everything through and stretch their minds to develop a new level of understanding, insights and ideas. Questioning and phosophizing stimulates their self expression, giving words to thoughts, formulate their opinion and substantionate it. It encourages critical thinking abilities, which is very useful for real learning processes. Even the vocabulary and language proviciency grows. They also learn to discuss in a proper way and listen respectful to other opinions and reflect for theirselves. So, while sitting in the cabin during our drivings, we will provide a philosophical setting so they can explore topics they bring in or we use specific philosophy books for kids while enjoying the ride and the landscape….

Computer programming and IT skills
Computer programming stimulates to transform the imagination to something crystal clear. It is a different way of expression that stimulates language and thinking and encourages try outs itself and the will to improve until the idea is accomplished. Next to the end result, is the relevance of computer programming the learning of logical thinking, detailed imagination and how to create that. Like Steve Jobs once said:”Everybody should learn to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” Back in Amersfoort Floris and Victor went to different programming courses and they learned Minecraft programming, game maker, scratch and Androids App Maker. During our journey we will plan ‘IT’ skills into the education schedule – we will have to see how online we can be and need to be for this…

Physical education
Being active and developing the boys physical condition and skills is of crucial importance for them, because they have a lot of physical energy.

They also need sport activities and physical challenges to integrate learning processes in their system. And of course, they love to try out new physical experiences; this journey will give them lots of off the beaten track opportunities… And as an active family we love to undertake challenges and adventures as a family; a variety of outdoor activities motivate to become lifelong active people who enjoy being outdoor! And not to mention our daily MTB tours – as the MTB is our preferred way of getting around the place!

bodyboarding lessons from the worldchampion Hugo!

bodyboarding lessons from the worldchampion, Hugo!

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Our Facebook page
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