Hi! We are a curious family with surname ‘the Bird’ (‘de Vogel’ in Dutch) and like to discover, learn and engage. From August 2017 – March 2018 we used our overland vehicle – our home – to explore parts of the world by going off the beaten track in every aspect, meet new people and educate ourselves along the way. Now we are back in The Netherlands, where our adventures continue!
On this page you will find the story of our journey going overland and our background.




Ik ben Victor en 8 jaar oud. Ik hou heel erg van reizen, avonturen beleven en de natuur. Ik ga met mijn vader, moeder en mijn broer de wereld rond. We gaan met een heel groot expeditievoertuig, de MAN KAT. Ik heb veel geklust met mijn vader. En nu kunnen we eindelijk weg. En ik hoop dat ik op reis veel vrienden kan maken!  Victor de Vogel

I am Victor, 8 years old. I love travelling, adventure and nature. I’m going on this journey with my father, mother and my brother. We are going with our very large expedition vehicle, the MAN KAT. I’ve worked a lot on the vehicle with my father. And now we can finally go. And I hope I can make many friends along the route! Victor ‘the Bird’



Floris in de daktent

Hallo, ik ben Floris, de filosofische, sportieve, astronomische denker. Ik hou van reizen – zoals we nu al doen – schaken, hockey en allerlei soorten Rubicks Cubes oplossen. En natuurlijk niet te vergeten: plezier maken! Ik hou van nieuwe mensen leren kennen.


.Hi, I’m Floris, the philosophical, sporty, astronomical thinker. I love traveling – as we alreading do – playing chess, playing hockey and all kinds of Rubik’s Cube solving. And of course, not to be forgotten: Having fun! I like to meet new people.



My name is Annemieke. Life learned me that becoming conscious of your own unique beautiful growth processes, you will be able to learn from experiences and insights and discover your free way to create an own inspirational path. Fully connected to yourself and the world around you, new possibilities come true that fit naturally!

I love to explore growth processes in life and to remove boundaries in order to transform and create new possibilities. During the restauration project of the MAN KAT many things happened, changed and shifted in our personal lives. It was a period of deep experiences, making difficult decisions and fully taking responsibility despite the consequences. As a result of all ongoing processes, we decided to follow the deep wish all 4 of us have: travelling around the world for some time to explore, create and receive all beautiful experiences the day will bring, including the more inconvenient ones. We love to learn and accomplish new possibilities and of course have a lot of fun! So we will find out on the way which opportunities this journey will bring!



PimThis is me, Pim. With our journey a lot of things come together as one – in time and in my past experiences. All of my life I am curious about the world and the people around me – and have some ‘wanderlust’. Travelling has always been a pleasure and as Floris and Victor grow up, having them with us on the trips, is such a pleasure that we love taking our holidays a step further every time. After 17 professional years at VolkerWessels group and Capgemini, I reflected that it was time to take some steps: saying goodbye to some nice collegues, having our house for sale – the opportunity to travel was never more seizable.

When I was 17, my dad and me worked on a full restoration of a VW Beetle 1303. A great project which made me acquainted with car technique. Not that I am a pro in anything, I just like working with my mind & hands to keep electrical stuff, machines, bikes etcetera going. An expedition vehicle is quite a step up I have to admit… I am excited to be the driver and mechanic for the four of us!

I am also looking forward to learn new things and grow by experiences, meeting new people of all cultures, educate myself, Floris, Victor or kids we meet along the way.


On the road!

We hope to meet you: somewhere, somehow, sometime!

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